The Prayer Center at Journey exists for the glory of God by facilitating connection with Him.

Its Mission is to provide a place where those desiring connection with God will find…

a retreat for private devotions, stimulus for intercession…
a place to receive prayer and to join others in corporate prayer…
a space for discipleship and mentoring.

Its Vision is to someday be open and available all day, every day, and to have intercessory prayer going on continually.

Prayer is central to our journey with Jesus, and Prayer is what we want in the center of our lives and ministries at Journey Community Church.  Because of the high value we place on connection with God, a suite has been dedicated to this purpose and it is situated appropriately enough, right in the center of the Journey complex.

What is it?
The Center is a public area open and available for anyone without reservation during it’s operational hours (by reservation at other times) consisting of four components: a Sacred Space for silent prayer, a Library/Lounge, a Solitude Booth and a Meditation Garden (in the planning stage).

What is it like?
The SACRED SPACE is in the rear half of the Center

  • Sshh…this is a no talking space…for meditation, prayer, communion with God. 
    A safe, beautiful, comfortable, holy environment.
  • With comfortable seating, individual lighting for reading, or no lights for just being still in God’s presence, it’s a place you know no one will interrupt you.
  • A Creative Prayer Area will be set up with prayer practices which change monthly.

The  LOUNGE is the entry area, a Rendezvous Spot

  • for corporate prayer, spiritual study, prayer counseling and mentoring , a comfortable, welcoming, inspirational environment.
  • There are several small tables and a cozy living room-like area along with bookcases of  Bible Study, Spiritual Growth and Quiet Time resources to use on premises  along with WiFi to access online resources on your personal internet device.

SOLITUDE BOOTH   a Private Area
A special spot within the Sacred Space for more secluded private prayer.

MEDITATION GARDEN  a Place to Breathe
In the planning stage, this simple garden will be tucked right outside the front door with benches and seats.  It’s a place to be still and let God’s creation speak!